We’re conducting research questionnaires!

We're conducting research questionnaires!

Our team are carrying out research questionnaires (cancer awareness measure), to find out what the people of Leeds know about cancer. The results are then used to inform local Public Health campaigns.


Leeds Cancer Awareness need your help!


The team completed these research questionnaires last year but are repeating them this year to compare the two years.

Last year the research questionnaires were completed face-to-face but due to the coronavirus outbreak, this year we are completing them over the phone.


Our Target Audience

  • People aged 50 and over
  • People living in Leeds
  • People available for a 20-minute telephone interview


If you meet these criteria, get in touch!


How to get involved

  • Email our team at Leeds@uni.uk.net
  • Or call 0113 8800153
  • Or message us directly on Facebook or Twitter (@LeedsCancer)


The team will book you in on a day and time that is convenient for you, your contact information will not be used for anything else or shared.


What to expect

  • The team will call you on the date/time agreed
  • The team will ask you a series of questions relating to cancer awareness
  • The team will type your answers into the questionnaire



Things to remember

  • Your answers are completely anonymous
  • The team will not use your contact details for anything else
  • The team will not share your contact details
  • The questionnaire will take around 20-minutes to complete
  • The team cannot give you clues/prompts to the answers


The team will give you chance to ask any questions after the research questionnaire has been completed.


If you are interested in any of the answers to the questions, let us know at the end.



If you have any questions or want to complete the research questionnaire, do not hesitate, and get in touch.


By getting involved in this research you are helping us to benefit health in Leeds.



Thank you, from the Leeds Cancer Awareness team.



Other Resources

To find out about our team and to put a face to a name, click Leeds Cancer.

If you want to visit our social media pages. click Facebook or Twitter



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