Know your NHS cancer screening services

Bowel Screening 
(Your Bowel Cancer Screening Kit)

For men and women aged 60–74, registered with a GP. 
  • Arrives in the post every 2 years.

Got A Cough, Get A Check
(A Chest X-Ray)

For men and women aged over 50, registered with a GP and suffering a persistent cough (lasting longer then 3 weeks).

Available without an appointment at:

  • Leeds General Infirmary (LGI).
  • Seacroft Hospital.
  • St George’s Centre (Middleton).

Visit for more information or call Leeds Cancer Awareness. We’ll point you in the right direction.

T: 0113 8800153
If you are trans or non-binary and unsure about your eligibility then ask your GP for advice.

We have also found additional information at Cancer Research UK – I’m trans or non-binary, does this affect my cancer screening?

Breast Screening
(Your Mammogram)

For women aged 50–71, registered with a GP.

(A new age extension trial may mean that women between 47-73 are also invited.)

  • Invitations sent every 3 years. 
  • Women aged over 71 can ask to continue breast screening. 
If you haven’t received your breast or cervical screening invitation then ask your GP for advice.

Cervical Screening
(Your Smear)

For women aged 25-64, registered with a GP.
  • Invitations sent every 3 years.
  • Every 5 years if you’re aged 50–64.