The Big Leeds Cancer Awareness Survey

the BIG Leeds cancer awareness survey

Our team need your help.


As part of a huge effort to help prevent cancer and to raise cancer awareness, we are asking as many people as possible to complete a short cancer awareness survey.


Click here to complete the survey


The purpose of the survey is to find out what the people of Leeds do/don’t know about early signs & symptoms of cancer and NHS screening services. You can complete the Big Leeds Cancer Awareness survey at a time that is convenient for you. You will be asked a mixture of multiple-choice questions and some questions that require you to type your answers in the box provided.


Completing this survey may help you to share potentially lifesaving information with your friends and family. If you are interested in the answers, you will be able to click a link that will take you to a booklet that contains the answers once you have completed the survey.


We are particularly interested in responses from those aged 50 or over.


We have a specific need for responses from anyone living in the following postcode areas:

  • LS9

  • LS14

  • LS15


You can also complete the survey by phone. Call: 0113 8800153  – if we can’t complete the survey with you straight away then we will call back at an agreed time and date.


Over 55 people have already completed the Big Leeds Cancer Awareness Survey, but we need many more. Help us to really understand what you do and don’t know about cancer signs/symptoms and NHS screening services.


The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will help to inform local public health campaigns and it will help us to target our work. You don’t need to give any personal details and there is no follow up call, it is completely anonymous.



Thank you for taking part!


If you know anyone who could help, then please share this post.


Click here to complete the survey


More Information

To find out more about Leeds Cancer Awareness Project, visit Leeds Cancer.

If you have any questions about the survey or project, email the team

To keep up to date with Leeds Cancer Awareness events and information, ‘Like’ the Leeds Cancer Awareness Facebook page. 

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