Our work

Talks and informal discussions

We’ll talk about free NHS cancer screening services and reassure you that they are nothing to fear.  

Encouraging you to talk to your friends and family about cancer and spread the word that ‘early detection saves lives’.

If you’d like us to talk at your social club, group or gathering then get in touch. 

There is no fee for our work and we can discuss best form of delivery for your group. 

Table to table discussions

Speaking to a room from table to table creates an atmosphere in which people often feel more comfortable discussing their own experiences with cancer and provides the opportunity to ask questions.

Quizzes and games


Bra Pong

Plant Pot Roulette

Quizzes and games tends to be popular with elderly community groups and the prospect of prizes for the winners adds that competitive air.

Many of these quizzes use photos of celebrities to gently remind the group that cancer can affect any one of us.

Health stands

This approach tends to work best in public settings where there is a lot of footfall e.g. Leeds indoor Market, the White Rose Shopping Centre. 

If the public congregate there, then we’ll be doing our best to have a presence and get our message across.

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