Diabetes and Me

Diabetes and Me

The following blog has been written by a guest blogger who wishes to remain anonymous. It is about their experience of diabetes.


I have always thought myself as a healthy, slim and fit fifty-three-year-old male. I work out, ate a sensible diet, and visited the doctor when I needed to.


In the spring of 2020 I started a new job that required me to travel extensively throughout the north of England to start twenty four hour shifts working with young people. After a few months I noticed that I had started to get drowsy whilst at work and whilst travelling. I thought nothing of this and put it down to the travel and long hours.


In the summer of 2021.  I had started to notice that I was finding it difficult to quench my thirst.


I rang my GP who very quickly suggested that I might have diabetes. I responded with a “but I’m slim”. I agreed to tests and was informed seven days later that I had type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Well, I was obviously shocked, upset and worried. Whilst I did have some understanding of diabetes and its complications I read up further and worried myself even more with concerns about 30% increased chances of heart related diseases and what not.

Diabetes and Me


I met with a diabetes doctor who calmed my fears and prescribed Glimepiride and cholesterol medication. She also provided me with a blood monitor and a good bit of advice around exercise and diet.

Determined to get on top of my diabetes and high cholesterol I made changes to my training by increasing my cardio and made healthier food choices. Whilst I did manage to bring my blood readings down, I struggled to get them in the 4-7 range. After a few months I also noticed that my weight had increased. I had been warned about this but all the same I was not happy.

I stuck with the medication for about six months before deciding to come off the Glimepiride as I did not feel myself whilst on it. I decided that I would try managing my blood sugar levels by diet and exercise alone. I cut out weight training and focused my training energies on rowing alone. I also took up the keto diet which whilst quite extreme enabled me to lose eight pound in five weeks.


Diabetes and Me


With the new diet I have managed to keep my blood sugars below 10. I am due another appointment with my GP soon so will discuss the changes I have made.


Today I am glad that I contacted my GP.


Whilst I would rather not have diabetes, I am glad that I know as now I can do something about it. I feel confident that I have the power to take back control of my health and hopefully one day reverse my diabetes. Just got to keep at it!


Thank you to our guest blogger for taking the time to write this blog.

The content of this blog has been written by an anonymous guest blogger and is representative of their views not the views of Leeds Health Awareness. If you would like to reproduce any aspect of this blog please seek the permission of the blog author.


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